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NextDecade’s Mission

To deliver opportunities for customers to meet their unique needs with access to the full spectrum of the LNG value chain, including infrastructure development, natural gas supply and project ownership, which in turn delivers value to our shareholders. To fulfill this mission, NextDecade provides commercial flexibility and strategic partnerships inside a company culture that respects the values and needs of customers and the communities in which we operate. Finally, NextDecade’s highly experienced team will enjoy limitless opportunities to excel professionally, while committing to the shared success of all our stakeholders.

Welcome To NextDecade

Based in The Woodlands, Texas, NextDecade Corporation (NASDAQ: NEXT) is an energetic project development and management company of LNG projects, creating innovative opportunities for the global natural gas industry in a rapidly changing energy and geopolitical landscape. Tomorrow’s Gas and LNG business will look very different from how we traditionally knew it. This requires a very different view and understanding of where future opportunities will emerge and how to create solutions for such a new, challenging business environment. By bringing together people, companies and opportunities, NextDecade assembles the key building blocks combined with an optimal mix of partnerships and assets to deliver successful projects integrated across the value chain.

Founded in 2010, NextDecade has built a team of recognized industry and thought leaders with vast credibility and experience across the full Gas/LNG value chain. Our team has developed, led, closed and operated industry-leading Gas/LNG infrastructure projects around the world, as well as successfully closed many mutually beneficial long and short-term natural gas and LNG purchase and sales deals.

NextDecade’s current focus is on a land-based LNG export project on the U.S. Gulf Coast called Rio Grande LNG (RGLNG) in Brownsville, Texas. In addition to this project, NextDecade continues to explore and develop additional opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, including but not limited to opportunities related to the creation of natural gas infrastructure, transportation and storage of LNG, and the trading of natural gas as LNG or otherwise.

Executive Spotlight

René van Vliet
René van VlietChief Operating Officer

As COO of NextDecade, Mr. van Vliet is responsible for developing global midstream LNG solutions. Mr. van Vliet worked at Shell International for nearly 32 years and has been involved in LNG developments since 1992, in China followed by India and South America. He was involved in many of the LNG import developments in Asia, Europe, USA and South America. René holds a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University Eindhoven and is based in The Netherlands.

Kathleen Eisbrenner
Kathleen EisbrennerFounder, Chairman, & CEO

Prior to Founding NextDecade, Ms. Eisbrenner worked as Executive Vice President at Royal Dutch Shell, responsible for Shell’s Global LNG strategy. In addition, Ms. Eisbrenner was the CEO and Founder of Excelerate Energy, a proven industry leader, LNG importer and marketer. Ms. Eisbrenner is a member of the US National Petroleum Council and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). In addition, she formerly served as a board member of Chesapeake Energy Corporation. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and currently resides in Texas.

Shaun Davison
Shaun DavisonSr. VP of Development & Regulatory Affairs

An entrepreneurial professional with over 20 years in the energy industry, Shaun is a business development and infrastructure specialist with broad based expertise in all aspects of the natural gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry. Shaun has extensive knowledge of the energy/natural gas value chain: pipelines, storage, US and global markets, natural gas liquids, LNG terminals and LNG shipping. A native of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, Shaun currently lives in The Woodlands, TX with his wife and two children.

More About Us


NextDecade is well connected with LNG buyers and suppliers throughout the world and has the ability to safely and economically fast-track the entire development process through replication of existing designs in combination with strong EPC and financing partnering relationships, resulting in earlier revenue streams.

For every month a project comes on-line early, that is a month of revenue that otherwise would not be realized until 20 years later. The increase in NPV for gas owners and tax revenue for NOC’s can be astounding. The crux is to be able to deliver robust financeable projects in today’s highly competitive and uncertain LNG world.


This is why NextDecade is developing solutions that can be geared toward specific market circumstances, gas qualities and environments. By designing for the optimum range of parameters, we are able to eliminate unnecessary costs. Our design concepts can be applied efficiently in different environments, depending on what the key customer and project development drivers are. Our marketing and trading platform provides optimization opportunities to our customers that were so far not available with the traditional players.

The NextDecade team is creating new business models for LNG that compete on a fundamentally lower cost basis, providing market players and international end-users access to Henry Hub indexed or oil indexed LNG. This is the same team that 10 years ago came up with the then revolutionary FSRU concept that has now unlocked many new markets.

NextDecade connects gas molecule owners and suppliers to the world’s most important LNG markets and buyers. By embracing the entire value chain from the upstream to the final buyer to monetize gas into LNG and offer partners optimization opportunities that previously were only available to the large IOC/NOC players. Upstream to downstream partners participate in the value-creation allowing them to position their risk and reward profile accordingly.

This holistic approach helps create options and flexibility to mitigate risk positions for the LNG business of the new future.

Want to know more?

Get in touch! E-mail us at info@next-decade.com or give us a call at +1 713-574-1880, we look forward to hearing from you.