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NextDecade’s LNG Contracting Experience

NextDecade’s team has been extensively involved in LNG deal development and closing in the international LNG industry. Contracts range from long-term and short-term Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs), Master Sales Agreements (MSAs), regasification agreements to spot cargoes and trading, including short and long term ship-chartering deals. These deals were negotiated with Oil & Gas Majors, NOCs, traders, buyers as well as sellers, both FOB and DES/DAP.

Completed LNG Agreements Made By NextDecade Personnel

Year Length Volume Details
2000 20 year 4.0 Mtpa Purchase from Trinidad and Tobago to U.S., Elba Island
2001 17 year 2.0 Mtpa Purchase from Norway’s Snövit to U.S., Cove Point
2003 25 year 3.5 Mtpa Execution of SPA with Damietta
2004 2 year 1.6 Mtpa Execution of SPA with Oman LNG
2004 25 year 1.8 Mtpa Execution of SPA with Qalhat LNG
2002-06 Various 3.5 Mtpa Long & short term SPAs for BG portfolio LNG sales from ALNG T2,3,4
2005 20 year 1.0 Mtpa Sale with Japanese trading house
2007 5 year 4.0 Mtpa Regasification with Kuwait
2007-10 Various 4.0 Mtpa Shell Portfolio
2008 20 year 3.0 Mtpa Renegotiated sale from Russia to Baja, Mexico
2008 15 year 1.5 Mtpa Sale from Shell to Dubai, UAE
2008 25 year 7.8 Mtpa Sale from Qatar to China, PetroChina
2008 25 year 2.5 Mtpa Regasification Agreement with Gate
2009 20 year 3.0 Mtpa Sale from Shell Australia to China, PetroChina
2009 20 year 1.0 Mtpa Sale from Shell Australia to Japan, Osaka Gas
2009 20 year 3.0 Mtpa Execution of Binding HOA from Tamar LNG with Gazprom
Total 47.2 Mtpa
’00 – ’09 Spot Purchase to & sales from most everywhere in the world. Including BG, PFLE, Trinling, Petronas, GasNatural, Oman LNG, Gazprom and others
2013 Executed several regasification agreements in European Terminals
’06 – ’15 Executed MSA with more than 50 counterparts and traded with main LNG players on spot basis and mid term for volume equivalent to 2 to 3 Mtpa