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///Rio Grande LNG (Brownsville, TX)
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  • Brownsville, TX
  • Option Agreement under contract for 1,000 acres
  • Option: 3 years + milestones
  • Terminal Facilities: 27 Mtpa (6×4.5 Mtpa) and 4 x 180,000 m3 full-containment LNG storage tanks
  • Rio Bravo Pipeline – proposed dual 42″ natural gas pipeline, approximately 140-miles long to provide feed gas to the facility
    • Major pipeline trading hub at Agua Dulce with numerous interstate and intrastate natural gas pipelines
    • Rio Bravo Pipeline to interconnect with these pipelines, providing natural gas supply optionality and access to natural gas produced in Texas and much of the rest of North America
    • Designed and permitted in conjunction with the Rio Grande LNG facility
  • Includes LNG vehicle fuel trucking and distribution facility
  • Brownsville ship channel controlling depth 42 feet
  • Site ~ 7 miles from the Gulf of Mexico
  • Deepwater port access with supporting marine infrastructure and services
  • Site owned by Port for Industrial Development
  • Historical acceptance and support of energy projects
  • Status:
    • Completed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Pre-Filing Process (Initiated April 13, 2015)
    • Project currently in FERC NEPA Review Process (Filed May 5, 2016),
    • DOE export application to FTA and NFTA countries filed

Please take some time to explore the Rio Grande LNG sitesign-up for project news and updates, or contact us directly.

Any development of the project remains contingent upon completing required commercial agreements; acquiring all necessary permits and approvals; securing all financing commitments and potential tax incentives; achieving other customary conditions; and making a final investment decision to proceed.